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Why Our Film Festival?

The CineManiacs Short Film Festival is a hybrid film festival that offers both online and live screening opportunities. Our goal is to encourage a continuing conversation between filmmakers and audiences by critiquing films on CineManiacs UnReeled, our fun analytical podcast. The continuing conversation will be available online to view and comment on throughout each season.

Online Screenings

Our festival year will consist of a Summer Online Film Series and a Winter Online Film Series of films hosted through Vimeo OnDemand. Each series will last three months and include a separate Best Picture award. Films screened in the Online Film Series may be chosen to participate in our live theatrical screening to continue their contributions to the conversation.

Theatrical Screening in Long Beach, California

CineManiacs Short Film Fest takes the best films from the summer and winter series to program a theatrical screening in Long Beach, CA. The audience at the theatrical screening will decide the winner of the Audience Choice award which will include a $250.00 cash prize.

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CinemaniacsHD Green camera with a pixle C on it

We like to think of our festival as a place for filmmakers to get honest feedback on their films to aid in their filmmaking ventures. Also, filmmakers who are not in the film series may benefit from watching and listening to the thoughts of the panel. We believe that filmmaking is an intellectual exchange that both entertains and enlightens. So sit back and prepare to be entertained and enlightened.

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